Friday, February 26, 2010

Like a Child

This morning my daughter got up, just like she always does.  The older children were already off to school.  We were alone in the house.  Daddy is out of town for the next day and a half.  She quietly walks right to where she knows she will find me, at my computer in my office.

I can hear her walking toward me with the slight sound that her bare feet make on the floor.  I keep my attention focussed on my screen so she can genly and quietly approach me.  When she gets to me, she will lightly touch my arm and look towards my face.  When I turn I do so with great surprise and smiling expression that I am so thankful that she has awoke and come to me.  She climbs up into my lap, curls her legs up as well, then rests her head against my chest as I curl my arms around her.

Maylah does this every morning without fail.  I know she will come and I await that opportunity to turn and great her with great joy.  I just love when our eyes meet and she moves to get up into my lap. 

This morning, God whispered to me, this is my desire for you Jennifer.  You have not been seeking Me out lately like your daughter seeks you out.  How I long for you to return fully to Me.  This was not a rebuke but a gentle reminder that Jesus longs for me to come to Him first in the morning, before everything and anything else.  I have been coming to him, physically first, but my mind has really been focussed on other things. 

Father help me to seek you first in every day, with my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Thank you for your gentle reminder of how you long for and anticipate my arrival every morning. 

Your loving daughter, Jennifer.

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