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“Comprehensive Sex Education: State Control of Our Children” By Dawn Stefanowicz

Since the mid-nineties, I have investigated and addressed various sex education policies. As a parent myself and with my own childhood largely seasoned with various GLBT dogmas, I do not trust so-called “experts” who introduce comprehensive sex education a la carte or muddled inside another creatively-named education strategy to catch parents unaware. Regrettably, most parents do not understand how the dark veils of equity, inclusive, diversity, and other positive-sounding terminology, using the nondiscrimination terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” mask the state’s plan to control our children’s minds and attitudes. As parents, we better be concerned about our children’s privacy, speech, and religious freedoms, and for all intents and purposes, our own.

Think about it this way. The application of school policies travel with your children and their friends in what is considered the “school climate.” “School climate” is not limited to school buildings and land, school buses, field trips, places where students hang out to eat and talk with friends (cafeterias, cafes, malls, and street corners), and research locales for school projects (libraries, workplaces, and home).

School education policies associated with the “school climate” also travel and apply to virtual environments which your children have access to. Such devices as computers, laptops, flash drives, cell phones, I-pods, and other personal devices used to upload/download text messages, music, and pictures and chat on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and private e-mail accounts) are not off limits to the “school climate” policies and policing thereof. No matter where these devices are carried to or stowed—even in your home or ethnic or faith communities– the “school climate” policies encroach into all facets of your children’s lives. As a model, you probably have heard of anti-bullying and safe school policies. As you look closely at these seemingly-good sounding policies, you will see that virtual environments can be policed for any bullying and unacceptable beliefs and opinions in regards to sexual orientation and gender identity. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not endorsing name-calling and hurtful words. Rather, I believe in freedom of opinion and speech where we publicly exercise our moral consciences and beliefs and opinions without fear of reprimand. Limitations are already in place in various ways as we shall see.

Let us take a look at what comprehensive sex education does. It mandates elimination of traditional morals, religious beliefs, and encourages children and youth to welcome explicit sexuality, diverse sexual orientations and gender identity expressions within the classroom and in their personal lives. Mention of moral boundaries and sexually transmitted diseases in the classroom is discouraged. Kinsey-inspired ideals are behind comprehensive sex education and are bad for students’ health because they increase STI’s, adolescent mental health issues, and unwed motherhood poverty in all societies. Comprehensive sex education assumes childhood and youth sexual experimentation. When contraception and abortion are offered as alternatives, chastity is not expected.

Comprehensive sex education offers no protection for parental rights; and there is no provision for parents to opt their children out of lessons, classrooms, and general assembly programs which teach explicit sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity as normal. One of the backers of global sex education is UNFPA which demands a redefinition of gender to include the "spectrum of gender identities," "comprehensive sexuality education" and "safe abortion." Another backer is UNESCO...

Behind UNFPA and UNESCO, are the Yogyakarta Principles which are international guiding principles which special interest groups developed in 2006 and plan on forcing on all educational environments globally. See a brief on the Yogyakarta Principles here by Family Watch International.

A UN initiative, The Yogyakarta Principles, the “Application of International Human Rights Law in relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” and other UN global initiatives have far reaching implications for a nation’s sovereignty if any of its principles are adopted through legislation.

The World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization, in conjunction with the World Association for Sexology express that to ensure the development of healthy sexuality in human beings and societies, sexual rights must be recognized, respected and exercised, promoted and defended by all societies through this governing framework. Thus, thisplan presupposes that by teaching “safe” sex practices, offering contraception, promoting abortion, and reducing sexual violence (by teaching sexual consent), these lessons will eradicate major societal problems.

Within the globalist agenda, distinct gender roles are seen as bad and discriminatory. This puts young people at risk of not valuing their own gender as represented in manhood and womanhood. Today, we know male and female brains, hormones, genetics, and anatomy are different. Yet, there are special interest groups pretending this isn’t so. Children benefit from the unique and complementary qualities fathering and mothering bring. Gender roles, especially associated with mothering and fathering, are tied to biology and are not social constructs. However, if the globalists have their way, gender will be treated as only a social construct, teaching that a young boy can grow up to be a “Mom.” Therefore, same-sex and transsexual parents, alternative marriages, and various family forms are presented as normal and healthy in all materials to young children within the classroom. At the same time, man-woman married couples are marginalized and eliminated.

Forcing each child to be indoctrinated with comprehensive sex education and the “human right” to all forms of sexual and gender “diversity” at a time when children and youth are undergoing huge physical, hormonal, emotional, psychological, and social changes is unconscionable. Meanwhile, no student or school staff or parent is permitted to speak against any form of sexuality or gender identity they disagree with.

Using sexual orientation and gender identity terms causes children to question their innocent same-sex play and labels children’s developing sexuality prematurely. When children and youth have particular feelings, it is not compassionate to label children’s developing sexuality and gender identity with social and political terminology such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual. However, some schools actually label these children and permit them to use washrooms and change rooms according to their feelings and not their biological gender at birth. Furthermore, some schools provide these children with counseling to accept their feelings rather than to remove their gender confusion. As an healthy alternative, there are a number of researchers, medical doctors, and therapists who are compassionate towards youth who struggle with their sexuality and gender identity. Parents, educators, and students can find more helpful information at Facts About Youth .

Often, special interest groups are allowed into schools to set up their programs under the banner of anti-bullying, safe schools' policies and through Gay-Straight Alliances. In reality, these policies provide a direct legal entranceway for indoctrination, desensitization, personal and political recruitment of our vulnerable children by special interest groups within our schools while silencing all students, teachers, administrators, and parents who oppose the “sexual” rights or “human rights” agenda.”

Basically, teachers receive sensitivity training and are taught how to be “thought” police. Teachers and other school staff police speech and report anyone who holds up traditional marriage, speaks against particular sexual acts, or supports traditional gender roles. This could lead to the introduction of hate crimes where particular teachers are reported to the authorities and penalized for committing a “hate” crime. Comprehensive sex education does not allow for any form of discriminatory speech such as expressing opposition to homosexual conduct, same-sex marriage and parenting, or transsexual dress by school administrators, teachers, students, parents, or other staff.

Comprehensive sex education permeates and encompasses all policies, implementation guidelines, strategies, curriculum materials, grade levels, classrooms, and the “school climate.” As well, families are not off limits to supervision by teachers and administrators who are watching for any “abuse” of children. Could it be that parental moral and religious instruction around sexuality and gender will be considered abusive and punishable and children will be removed from their homes because of complaints?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spiritual Truths found in the Physical World

I love that God placed us in a physical world.  All around me I see spiritual applications in the physical world that gives me hope and helps me to stay grounded in reality.


The bible uses "light" and "darkness" to manifest the spiritual reality of living with God in Christ and with out Him.  It uses "water" to talk about the Holy Spirit.  I can also see others that are not actually identified in the bible but have spiritual application all the same.  There is gravity, and eating food, and many others.  Let me take just a moment to expand on what I am talking about.


Light.  Jesus claims to be the Light of the World.  Have you ever just watched the light?  I have.  If you have a closet say, in the hallway of your home.  Your sitting adjacent to that closet in the room.  Your brother comes by to grab his jacket out of the closet and opens the door.  When he opens the door the light from the room you are in floods into the closet space and the darkness that was there is pushed out.  Notice that the light invades the darkness.  The darkness never invades the lighted space.  This is a physical truth that demonstrates a Spiritual Truth.  Jesus came as the light of the world.  At the time that He came the darkness ruled.  Jesus gave Himself as the perfect lamb of sacrifice to over come that darkness and death that was ruling.  No longer does darkness rule but Jesus, the Light, has overcome the darkness.  He has invaded the space that the darkness used to rule.  Where ever Jesus is allowed to enter the light takes over and the darkness must be pushed back.  It cannot do anything but to be pushed out and overtaken by the Light.  


Continuing on that thought just a bit.  The door also represents our free will.  When we shut out Jesus out of our life by our choices, He will not come in and over come that darkness with His marvelous light.  Only when we willingly turn to Him and ask Him to come in will He enter and overcome the darkness in our lives with His light.  Just like that closet door had to be opened before the light could do what it is made to do, invade the darkness.  


Water.  In the bible the Holy Spirit is likened to Living Water.  I find it quite ironic that our bodies are made of something like 93% water.  If we give up food we can live for days and weeks but give up water and in 3 to 4 days time we will die.  What a marvelous physical demonstration of our need for the Holy Spirit in our lives.  With out physical water my body will physically die and my soul and spirit are connected to my body so I die completely.  Without the Holy Spirit in my life I cannot live.  I am a slave to my flesh and Satan.  Only in my life with Jesus do I receive the Living Water that gives to me abundant life, here and now, and also eternal life.  The bible says in Revelation that the river of living water of life, clear as crystal, comes from the throne of God and of the Lamb.  


Eating.  When I think of how I need to eat food it reminds me of how I need to be in continual communion with Jesus through the spiritual disciplines of reading the bible, praying, fasting, etc.  I do not function well when I miss a meal or let my life get so crazy that I am not only not eating continually but the proper things as well.  All this helps me to remember that there is a spiritual truth there, helping me to remain aware of it.  Just like when I skip meals and eat the wrong things I must also continually be in the bible and in prayer to keep my relationship with my Heavenly Father strong.  Particularly in prayer.  I just cannot go long and do well in my life without being in His presence through prayer.  Talking with Him listening to Him.  Like food I can go for a time without talking to Jesus and my life will not get derailed but going to long and pretty soon I'm losing strength, purpose, focus, etc.  So, like I fuel my body well, I also need to fuel my Spirit well.  That involves being in the presence of the One who made me.


Gravity.  I love the law of gravity.  To me it speaks so loudly of the reality of Truth and it's absoluteness.  When my sisters and I were growing up, my older sister had a friend who wanted to fly.  One time while partying, he decided to demonstrate his belief that he could fly.  He went to the top of a second story building and attempted to fly.  He lost his life on that day.  Gravity can be over come for a time but you cannot ignore the physical truth that gravity is there and effects your life.  Look what it takes to over come gravity for a time.  It takes a concerted effort with lots of extra energy to make a plane fly.  It can fly for a time but comes back to the earth to refuel and maintenance the plane.  You cannot over come gravity for long.  Even birds and gliders can use the natural winds and currents to fly for a time but there time in the air is also continually eroded by the law of gravity.  They can start out high but slowly come back to earth.  Even a space rocket has it limitations.  By great power a rocket can actually get out of our atmosphere and move into space.  While a rocket can over come gravity it cannot remain out there forever, it must reenter to maintain life.  If a rocket carries livings things those things need unlimited supplies of food, water, shelter, etc.  The rocket will not be able to carry those things so for life to continue it must come back into the place where gravity exists.    It the same way, to live without Truth for a time can be done but to do it for long periods of time cost you your very life.  I can know that absolute Truth exists and impacts my life because the law of gravity speaks loudly to that reality.


These are where my thoughts have been today.  I love the Lord and am not able to express enough my gratitude for His pursuit of me and my life.  To Jesus be the glory on the earth and forever.  Amen.


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Like a Child

This morning my daughter got up, just like she always does.  The older children were already off to school.  We were alone in the house.  Daddy is out of town for the next day and a half.  She quietly walks right to where she knows she will find me, at my computer in my office.

I can hear her walking toward me with the slight sound that her bare feet make on the floor.  I keep my attention focussed on my screen so she can genly and quietly approach me.  When she gets to me, she will lightly touch my arm and look towards my face.  When I turn I do so with great surprise and smiling expression that I am so thankful that she has awoke and come to me.  She climbs up into my lap, curls her legs up as well, then rests her head against my chest as I curl my arms around her.

Maylah does this every morning without fail.  I know she will come and I await that opportunity to turn and great her with great joy.  I just love when our eyes meet and she moves to get up into my lap. 

This morning, God whispered to me, this is my desire for you Jennifer.  You have not been seeking Me out lately like your daughter seeks you out.  How I long for you to return fully to Me.  This was not a rebuke but a gentle reminder that Jesus longs for me to come to Him first in the morning, before everything and anything else.  I have been coming to him, physically first, but my mind has really been focussed on other things. 

Father help me to seek you first in every day, with my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Thank you for your gentle reminder of how you long for and anticipate my arrival every morning. 

Your loving daughter, Jennifer.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Fullness of the Gentiles - What?

For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery--so that you will not be wise in your own estimation--that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in (Rom 11:25)

I have often wondered about this verse. Just what does it mean when it says, "until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in?" If you step back and take a look at the full chapter 11 in Roman's you will see that the Apostle Paul is making an argument for how God has allow Israels partial hardening so that the gentiles will be grafted into His Mercy and Grace and also that Israels partial hardening will end under a certain set of circumstances, "when the fullness of the gentiles comes in.

While I'm sure that part of what it means for the "fullness of the gentiles to come in" is in regards to those who are not of Jewish decent and have made decisions to trust, follow, and obey Jesus as Lord and Savior. But I cannot help but to think that it also has to do with some other things.

As I look at the world around me and with the help of the internet, planes, TV, radio, etc we have become a united world. Not that we all march to the same drummer but that we are all connected, whether we like it or not.

I was just reading from about the Copenhagen Conference meeting to discuss the issue of Climate Change/Global Warming. One of the main areas of discussions coming out of that meeting is on World de-population. Here is a quote from today's e-letter:

"That conference, and its now open emphasis on world de-population as a supposed solution to the supposed global warming crisis, is a likely prelude to even more abortion, infanticide, forced sterilizations, explicit sex-ed, promotion of homosexuality and other forms of sterile, childless sex, and on and on"

The world population in many of the major countries is already on the brink of disaster. Most of Europe and Russian is at a point where they cannot even sustain their current populations and withing the next 10 - 15 years or so will begin a dramatic decline in their total populations. China has it's own set of problems with so many men and no women for them to marry due to their one child policies. Japan's populations is already moving into it's demographic winter with an ever aging population. Even here in the good ole US of A we are just barely replacing our current population and we are getting much help from those immigrants who come here, regardless of whether they do it legally or not.

I wonder if there isn't a physical connection to that determination of "when the fullness of the gentiles comes in." Could it be possible that it also includes the reality that people will so reject God's first command given to Adam.

"God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth." Gen 1:28"

That we will continue to see de population such that the world population will actually begin to decrease and thus, the fullness of the gentiles will have come in. This will of course create more world problems than we have ever experienced to date.

If you think that the troubles that we have experienced in this last credit financial crisis have been bad. A decreasing world population will be absolutely devastating. It will unravel the world as we know it. Let me know what you think. I would love to here some feedback.

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