Friday, July 13, 2007

Can you reconcile this?

I've been reading e articles, news, mags, and TV regarding this Homosexual issue. I just can't seem to reconcile the gay communities public media desire to be viewed as wholesome and normal with the public displays put forth in many communities. Am I the only one having this problem?

Think about it. They have said, they lead normal lives and yet the most public display of who they are is the "Gay Pride Parade" held in most large cities. Have you ever seen one of these parades? It is sex on wheels. How can I take the gay community seriously when even in Jerusalem they are forcing the government to have this parade to demonstrate who they are? What is wholesome about this parade? What is nurturing about this parade? What in this parade can help me to see gays as "normal." Why doesn't the gay community have another event that is substantially larger than does demonstrate them as wholesome and normal?

I also think about the push to make public the advancements to our life and culture from gay people. They are always pushing for a Gay Awareness Day, week, or month. Let's see, hmmmmm, What hospital has the gay community started, what food relief effort have they created, what community support shelter have they opened for battered woman or abused and neglected children, etc. This just causes me to wonder what societal help have they, as a community, been?

Then there is this whole idea of gay marriage. You would think that in those places of the world where there is gay marriage that gay people would be flooding the courts to get married, and yet this does not happen. In fact, once the intial wave gets married, the rate of marriage drops off considerably. Sweden has had gay marriage since 1985 and the gay marriage rate is so small it is barely measurable. Even with the small numbers you would think that those that do get married make sure it is a strong commitment and yet, the divorce rate for gays in Sweden is 2-3 times higher than the straight divorce rate. Just kind of makes me wonder why gay marriage is sought after so forcefully and then doesn't result in huge numbers of gays getting married. I just can't reconcile this issue either.

Doesn't make sense to me, but perhaps I'm slow to understand. I'll keep pondering it.

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