Thursday, November 8, 2007


I just read the greatest book. It is called "What a Difference a Daddy Makes" written by Dr. Kevin Leman. It was such a blessing to read this book. There were so many parts that ministered to my little girls heart that did not manifest in the life between me and my Daddy.

I will share with you a number of sentences from the book in hope that it will encourage you to get this book and read it for yourself. You will find it truly a blessing. This book is actually written to Dads and the best way to relate to their daughters but I believe that this will be a book of healing for many of us.

"In all my years of practice and of speaking to literally missions of people through radio and TV and at seminars, one fact has impressed me as much as anything else: Fathers leave an indelible imprint on the lives of their daughters."

"A woman's relationship with her father, more than any other relationship, is going to affect her relationship with all other males in her life.... There's not a single relationship that isn't indelibly stamped---for good or for ill---by the man known as Daddy."

"By understanding the father-daughter bond, you'll be able to help repair a damaged heart or strengthen the blessings of a healthy relationship."

"The father-daughter relationship is the key to every woman's aching heart. It's the genesis of every grown woman's sighs. It's also, unfortunately, the missing ingredient in many lost souls."

"That evidence shows that a father's relationship to his daughter is one of the key determinants in a woman's ability to enjoy a successful life and marriage."

"....Well, daddies treat kids differently; they provide a necessary complement to a mother's loving care."

"The connection between self-esteem and a father's love is well established. One study found that the perception of a father's unconditional regard was significantly related to a daughter's self-esteem..."

"You can divide most women into two camps. One camp is Miss Trust. The other is Mistrust. That one s makes all the difference in the world. The extra s is provided by the father, and it creates one of the richest inheritances that a son-in-law can received from his wife's father."

"it's my belief that these young women confuse abandonment and love because that's how their dad "love" them. They want to believe their dads cared for them, even if their fathers were distant."

"If you want to raise a well-adjusted daughter, don't run her into exhaustion in a vain effort at helping her finally prove herself. Prove your love. Prove your commitment. Prove your affection. That's what builds healthy kids."

".... a father's ability or inability to handle authority will greatly affect his child's ability to come to grips with the establishment---including God."

"I've realized that I can make my daughter's lives go much more smoothly by helping them to see that for most of us, life serves up ten helpings of reality for every one helping of bliss. Marriage is about service even more than it is about romance."

"A good father will keep moving toward his developing daughter, and he'll be prepared to talk to her about modesty, which has become a lost virtue."

" involved, affirming, and open father can steer his daughter around promiscuity."

If any one of these quotes above has touched you, get the book, read it, and ask God to minister to those hurt places, those hidden places, those places of unmet need.

Malachi 4:2 But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.

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