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Times of Transition by James W. Goll

I was sent this article by a friend.  I found it to be very appropriate
considering the times as well as an encouragement.

James W. Goll:"Praying Through Times of Transition"

As the senior leader of Encounters Network and its associated ministries, I
recently called for a special time of Praying through Transition. As we adopt
this into our Prayer Storm efforts, I trust the Holy Spirit will reveal to you
specific strategies for Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered prayers. Adapt this theme
and make it practical for your own life, ministry and nation.
Worldwide Convulsions
The entire world is in the midst of one of the greatest times of change and
transition I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. This is both for good and evil.
Having prayer-walked over the Reconciliation Bridge from Heil, Germany to
Strasbourg, France recently, I marveled at the atmosphere of genuine friendship
and change. It is breathtaking for me, having sowed specifically into Germany
for so many years. Not long ago, such a friendship between the citizens of
France and Germany was only a pipe dream—but now, in part—it is a reality.
But consider on the other hand the worldwide threats to "wipe Israel off the
face of the earth to be remembered no more." (See Praying for Israel's Destiny
for details prophesied from Psalm 83.) War also rages in the mountains of
Afghanistan, Pakistan and beyond. Many nations of Africa are in great turmoil,
torn between one tribal group and another.. There are wars and rumors of war...
With the worldwide recession under way, many people in the U.S. and other nations
are losing their jobs; new leaders in power in Israel, the U.S., England and
beyond, it does seem that everything around us is teetering! From my angle,
we are in the midst of a worldwide convulsion. But we must drop the anchor
of hope in such a time. We must be a light which shines brightly in the midst
of darkness.
The Process of Transition
Transition means crossing over to a new place from one condition to another.
Transition times are times when the Lord redefines and adjusts the rules necessary
for us to move forward. He gives us focus and direction. He teaches us about
Himself in a new way. We must admit that we have not been where we are headed.
We have not crossed this way before!
In a literary sense, a transition is the phrase that connects the past
communication or paragraph with the future thought. This is so important to
understand as we move forward. We must seek the Lord for His revelation during
times of transition. When He communicates to us, we can bridge the past season
with the new. This causes a great treasure to arise.. Without the communication
being distinct during transitions, we lose the strength and wisdom of our past
There is a process which takes place in a time of change. Part of that transition
• A fresh level of revelation is released.
• Your present vision is adjusted.
• New vision is released and established.
• A mantle of restoration is placed upon you.
• You are healed and made whole from the past.
• A new identity is developed within you.
• New strategy is revealed to you.
• You see the fullness of your inheritance before you.
• You have the strength to overthrow your enemies.
• You secure your inheritance.
Keys for Times of Transition
Charles Stock reminded us at a recent Encounters Network Alliance Leaders
Summit, that we can "shine" the brightest when it is the darkest. He emphasized
four basic keys to help us grow through our seasons of transition:
1. God knows what He is doing! 
2. Our scars can be changed into trophies of His grace. 
3. Every battle we survive is a graduation to new realms of authority. 
4. Grace works through time—and time is on our side!
In my family and ministry's time of great personal loss and tragedy, there are
a few basic things I will never let go of. Yes, God is good all the time, and
all things work together for good. Period! Sometimes my lack of understanding
screams at me, but in those very moments I must yield my right to understand
and push the button called "Trust!"
James W. Goll
Encounters Network • PrayerStorm • Compassion Acts

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